Kev Baker Show Episode #409 PARIS – REACTION – SOLUTION with Christopher Everard​ & Max Igan

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Kev Baker Show Episode #409 PARIS – REACTION – SOLUTION with Christopher Everard​ & Max Igan

Post  Viper (Greg Scott) on Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:24 pm

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KBS Ep#409 - Kev Baker November 20, 2015

PARIS – REACTION – SOLUTION with Christopher Everard​ & Max Igan

TUNE in for NEW EVIDENCE in the PARIS ATTACKS and we will get the opinions of two of the best researchers on the planet in Christopher Everard & Max Igan


We open up the show be going straight to France and Mr Christopher Everard for his take on the Paris attack. Chris is in France so this puts him in the perfect place to give his opinions on the whole affair. Chris goes over a number of bullet points that people should write down and look into.

Then in the second segment we go LIVE down under to Mr Max Igan for his views on the latest terror spectacular. Max talks about who ISIS really are and goes over some of the inconsistencies in the evidence that has emerged in the time since the lethal attacks on the centre of paris.

Max briefly mentions something called the Coudenhove Plan, and its something that we must all read and look into further, because it would appear that is what we are seeing unfolding right now. You can find out more HERE!

Then in the remainder of the show Max & Chris give the FULL HISTORY of just who ISIS are and who it is that is funding and supporting this death cult that exists on the planet at this time

This is a MUST LISTEN show and we urge you to spread this far and wide on social media.


During the show Max mentions his recent video … SAVE PALESTINE – SAVE THE WORLD: A Message To Humanity.

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