GREG TALKS Ep.#3 - People Are Cymatic - (Video 1) - [Short Documentary]

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GREG TALKS Ep.#3 - People Are Cymatic - (Video 1) - [Short Documentary]  Empty GREG TALKS Ep.#3 - People Are Cymatic - (Video 1) - [Short Documentary]


GREG TALKS Ep.#3 - People Are Cymatic - (Video 1) - [Short Documentary]
Published on 9 Jun 2015
I made this simply to share my thoughts. Don't believe anything I tell you, do your own research and you will help me refine my research and find your own path =] This is a half hour film (Short Documentary) I made based around the thoughts and understandings of Cymatics, explaining and having a conversation with the viewer about the Nature Of Reality & Natural Law with the main focus being on how nature is shaped by invisible vibrational fields. I made it with the approach of making it easy to understand with no jargon to confuse people too much and it is aimed towards people who have never heard of this stuff before , while at the same time retaining (hopefully) enough wisdom for the seasoned researcher to actually want to share with their friends and or other people. You are welcome to show my work if you find it helps you explain certain things to others or to other people.

GREG TALKS Ep.4 - Love Is Cymatic - Video 2 - WATCH HERE -

Another thing to think about regarding evolution is, if we evolved from monkeys or apes then why are they still here?

Why haven't they "evolved".

Something to think about.

Please like and share.

Thanks for watching!

May the "OM" be with you Very Happy

(I feel there is a need to make a second video to this one to explain how the Vibration of Love changes the reality and how the small things are just as important as the large things even if the patterns are the "same" overall, to find yourself is to find peace, to know love is to be love, stay happy everyone Very Happy )
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