False Flag Terrorism (WDBJ7 HOAX "Shooting") - GREG TALKS - Video Podcast Ep#2

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False Flag Terrorism (WDBJ7 HOAX "Shooting") - GREG TALKS - Video Podcast Ep#2  Empty False Flag Terrorism (WDBJ7 HOAX "Shooting") - GREG TALKS - Video Podcast Ep#2

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False Flag Terrorism (WDBJ7 HOAX "Shooting") - GREG TALKS - Video Podcast Ep#2.
Published on 27 Aug 2015
BBC ARTICLE LINK http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-34068541
[TOPICS] False Flags, Gun Rights, Unlawful Gun Laws, Propaganda, Mind Control, Historical Events Used As Tools To Engineer Society, Media Telling Lies, Previous False Flag Events, Illusions Of Safety, Reality, The Universally Granted Right To Defend Yourself & More.

This is a 45 min video podcast, basically having a little rant out the outrageous "news" that is being pumped out as "truth" when in fact it's nothing of the kind. Just a man speaking his mind for a while. I am speaking on what I see in actuality. I am NOT believing what I'm told to believe by mainstream media. I could get into "what colour the mans skin is" compared to the "story" I could get into lots of other details that I didn't get into in this video, regardless, even if and when the mainstream narrative changes.

The hoax will still be a hoax.

It's up, I thought I would put this into the video podcast section on my youtube playlists because this is less of an official documentary film and more of a light 45 minute "rant" while exposing some things I see within this WDBJ7 seemingly fake shooting of a so called "journalist".

Just me speaking my mind a little, nothing special. I made this video in order for people in the UK to realize what they already had taken away from them but more towards helping people in the USA become aware or stay aware of what I think is fake news by the mainstream puppet media.

Stay sharp folks.

(It's a different microphone from microphone issues so yeah).
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